Established 1986

We decided on owning an Airedale Terrier as a compromise, Rowland had bred and shown Dobermann's and Jane's family had owned Border Collies. We both wanted a good sized dog so we checked the dog books, went through the breeds before finally choosing the Airedale. Our first Airedale was not purchased as a show dog, we picked her out because she was the most forward puppy and for her whole life Judy (Juniper Sabina 19/11/1985) was out front and in-charge.

When Judy was three years old we decided to breed from her as we wanted another Airedale and one that we hoped to show. We looked around for a stud dog and were told of a Kennels at Frensham that had some good stud dogs, not knowing this was one of the Top Airedale Kennels in England. Mary Swash after looking at Judy and her pedigree gave us the choice of a couple of dogs, we liked the look of Eddie (Jokyl Treble Chance) and he was mated to Judy. At this point we needed our own kennel name (Affix) and after much deliberation Jane being a designer suggested CRILLEE which is a typeface name.

Judy had a litter of nine pups of which we kept a dog and called him Callum (Crillee Lazybones The Great). Within a week of going one came back, due in her owners words that she found “owning a dog was too much responsibility”, so we ended up keeping Polly (Crillee Take Your Fancy). As soon as they were old enough we took Polly and Callum to training class. Not far from us was an Airedale only training club the Airedale Terrier Training Club of Rushmoor run by Geoff and Margaret Grinham, where we trained both dogs in basic obedience and we also learnt the basics of hand stripping. Polly showed a flair for obedience and Callum let us show him, both did well at open shows and at the odd championship show.

Jane competed with Polly in competition obedience and was picked as a member for the 1997 Southern Area Team to compete at Crufts and through that we have also supplied Airedales to work in advertising and films, Jake (Jokyl Something Hot) being the Airedale in 102 Dalmatians'.

Geoff Grinham introduced us to Mary Swash with a view to helping us with the finer point's of trimming, since that time we have had the good fortune to have been taken under the wing of Jokyl Kennels where we have learned as much about showing and grooming as we can. Along the way we have owned Jokyl dogs and handled a few dogs for Jokyl. Our first champion was Jake (CH Jokyl Something Hot) shown by Jane.

We have had our ups and downs but the one thing we would not change is our dogs, when people tell you “once you have had an Airedale you will never have another breed” it's the truth they just take you over.

"They walk with you as a king and play with you as a fool”

Rowland & Jane Turner

29 Barnett Close, Wonersh, Guildford, Surrey. GU5 0SD

Jake (Champion Jokyl Something Hot) 27.03.93 – 03.10.06